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The Music Of Justin Holland

Justin Holland was one of the first American classical guitarists, and he was teacher and a composer. He was also a prominent member of the African-American Masonic lodge. We have collected sheet music of the solo guitar works and the arrangements for voice and guitar of Justin Holland.

Baseball in Song and Music

"Build it, and they will come"

Go to our page "Baseball in Song and Music" where you can download a unique collection of sheet music related to baseball published in the 19th and early 20th Century. There is also a baseball screen-saver created from dozens of early baseball images, a collection of classic baseball MP3s, and a few PDF downloads of early baseball poetry. Go and listen to Bob Dylan sing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame", acapella.....

Forgotten 19th Century
American Guitar Music

In 19th Century America, music publishers were very busy publishing a large amount of sheet music. Much of this music was sheet music for the guitar. We have collected some of this guitar music, including music by some of the best 19th Century American guitarists such as African-American classical guitarist and composer Justin Holland, and the amazing Mrs. Knoop.

The Guitar Music Of
The Amazing "Mrs. Knoop"

L'Alhambra Waltz

The Flowers Of Andalusia 1850

Rosignol Polka 1850

Carnival Of Venice 1847

The Adieu (El Adios) 1866



Madame Delores Nevares de Goñi was one of the most prominent and talented guitarists of her time. Her performances were widely popular throughout the Americas between 1841 and 1892.

Madame De Goni's first husband also was a guitarist, but in 1845 she married George Knoop, a renowned cellist, after Sr. de Goni ..discreetlty left the scene. Most of her guitar compositions were published using only the name "Mrs Knoop".

An 1840 notice in the New York Herald:
"A distinguished female, professor of the Spanish guitar, has just arrived from Europe' Her name is Dona Dolores de Goni, a Spanish lady of exquisite beauty, and still more exquisite accomplishments in Spanish music. During the last spring and summer she gave many exhibitions before the royalty and nobility of England, that brought forth great applause. Despite the lavish claims in the press notice, de Goni was only moderately successful in London."

Download the music of Mrs. Knoop
Scans of the original sheet music in PDF format, prepared for easy printing on standard size paper.

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$3.50 - Paypal or Credit-Card

Composer Arthur Farwell
& The Wa-Wan Press

The Wa-Wan Press was an American music publishing company founded in 1901 by composer Arthur Farwell in Newton Center, Massachusetts. Arthur Farwell (March 23, 1872 – January 20, 1952) was an American composer, conductor, educationalist, lithographer, esoteric savant, and music publisher.
The firm concentrated on publishing compositions by so-called Indianist movement members—composers who incorporated traditional Native American music into their works.

Composer Arthur Farwell
& The Wa-Wan Press

The Music of Amy Beach

Amy Marcy Cheney Beach (September 5, 1867 – December 27, 1944) was an American composer and pianist. She was the first successful American female composer of large-scale art music. As a pianist, she was acclaimed for concerts she gave in the United States and in Germany.

The Music of Amy Beach

Hutchinson Family

America's first
protest singers

The Music Of The Ephrata Cloister

The Ephrata Cloister or Ephrata Community was a religious community made up of both men and women members, established in 1732 by Johann Conrad Beissel at Ephrata, in what is now Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Beissel taught music at the Cloister and wrote hundreds of songs and choral works. Many of the other members of the cloister also devoted themselves to poetry and music and art. Their choir became widely known in early America for their ethereal and unique music, created in a musical notation system created by Beisell.

We have prepared a PDF file with 3 pieces of music from the Ephrata Cloister transcribed into standard notation and also a PDF file with scans of an original 16 page 19th Century periodical article about the Cloister containing many engravings.

Music of the Ephrata Cloister


Some Of The Dumbest & Strangest Music Ever Published

In 19th Century & early 20th Century America, literally many thousands of pieces of music were composed and published. Some of this music was was odd, some funny and some probably rates as the dumbest or strangest music ever published.

Dumbest & Strangest Music Ever Published


Music composed by Nobody

In 19th Century America, a fact that is not widely known is that thousands of pieces of sheet music were published. Music on every conceivable subject from the hippopotamus to free-love was published.
Strangely enough, one of the very popular things to do was to publish sheet music using fake, often comic names.
We have gathered together a few of these pieces of music and created a PDF book out of them.

Music by Nobody

Political Songs
in 19th Century America

Politics in America has always been lively since day one. In the 19th Century, when printing was growing in America it involved a lot of singing, a lot of song writing and sheet music. It also involved some great satire, humor and classic protest songs.
We have collected a few of these pieces of political music.

Political Songs

19th Century American
Periodical Articles About Music

Scans of the complete articles, including music notation examples and interesting engravings. PDFs are all prepared for easy printing on standard size paper.


Songs And Ballads Of The Revolution
On The Track Of The Arkansas Traveler



Negro Spirituals
Creole Slave Songs

The Dance In Place Congo
Origin Of The John Brown Song


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Sousa For The Guitar

What may be the earliest guitar transcriptions of 8 John Philip Sousa marches. Scans of the original sheet music prepared for easy printing, in a PDF file.
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Native American Music A collection of 19th Century American periodical articles about Native American songs and music, including music notation of many songs and chants. Scans of the articles prepared for easy printing, in a PDF file.
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Unusual Music Patents

A large collection of some very unique music patents from early America. Scans of the original patents prepared for easy printing, in a PDF file. After your credit card or Paypal payment of $5.00 is processed, you will quickly be sent a download link.

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American Irish Songs - A collection of 15 sheet music songs for guitar and voice published in 19th Century America with Irish themes. Scans of the original sheet music prepared for easy printing, in a PDF file.
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Activist Songs
- A collection of 4 books of songs on themes of labor, fellowship, peace and socialism including the collections:
Peace Songs
Labor Reform Songster
Socialist Songs With Music
Songs Of The Fellowship

Scans of the articles prepared for easy printing, in a PDF file. After your credit card or Paypal payment of $7.00 is processed, you will quickly be sent a download link.

Price - $7.00


The Music Of 19th Century
American Women Composers


Download the sheet
music of many of the talented
Women composers of 19th Century America



Sheet Music Published In
19th Century Texas

In 19th Century Texas, composers and music publishers were busy publishing all kinds of music, instrumental, choral, songs, you name it.

Music Published In
19th Century Texas

More interesting
historic Texas stuff


19th Century Periodical Articles About Texas

Scans of historic articles about Texas in PDF format with excellent engravings of Texas images.


PDF 1 -

Glimpses of Texas 1
PDF 2 -
Glimpses of Texas2
Through Texas
PDF 4 -
The Presidents of Texas
A Stray Yankee in Texas
PDF 5 -
The New South - The City of Fort Worth
The Last Years of Sam Houston
PDF 6 -
San Antonio De Bexar
A Tale Of Texas Life
Texas (by ex-Senator Samuel Bell Maxey)

You can purchase and download the entire Texas article collection for $5.00 below. After your Paypal or Credit/Debit card payment is processed, you will quickly be emailed the download link for all 7 PDF files.

Price - $5.00

More interesting historic Texas stuff


Masonic Music In 19th Century America

In 19th Century America, the Freemasons were busy publishing all kinds of music related to their organization, instrumental, choral, songs, you name it.

19th Century American Masonic Music

Fiddlin' Around
On The Way To A Revolution

Folk Music In Colonial America

An MP3 collection of Colonial and Revolution period tunes popular in America, arranged for fiddle with guitar accompaniment. Did you know that Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry were both known and well traveled fiddlers in their younger days in Virginia.....? Read about it on this page.


Early & Unique
American Sheet Music

A collection of unique sheet music on American themes, including a song by Francis Hopkinson, signer of the Declaration Of Independence, early songs dedicated to John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, a choral chant of the entire Declaration of Independence, lively piano compositions on American themes, a complete "periodical" article with music of Revolution era tunes and more...........


Apple Cider Music & Poetry

MP3 collection of music related to cider and apples along with 2 PDF files of 19th Century American periodical articles and sheet music related to apples.

Apple Cider Music & Poetry


The colorful history of the

The State Food of Texas


Staring in the face of near certain death, Davy Crockett and John McGregor, armed with their fiddle and bagpipes had one of history's wildest jam sessions. Susanna Dickinson, wife of one of the Alamo defenders and one of the few survivors from inside the Alamo, described this incredible scene of jammin' at the Alamo. .


100 Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes & Country Dances
for solo instrument

100 popular solos


The Music Of
Blind Tom

19th Century American "savant" genius pianist. You can download the original sheet music of compositions by the amazing Blind Tom.


Beer & Ale Sheet Music

Sheet music related to ale & beer


The Music Of 19th Century
African-American Composers


Download the piano solo sheet
music of some of the early
African-American composers



Music Of Protest & Social Justice
In 19th Century America

We have collected many pieces of sheet music related to issues of poverty, labor, Native American rights and more, published in America in the 1800s.


The Music Of Colonial American
composer William Billings

History, sheet music and MP3 music arrangements of the music of the composer who was associated with John and Samuel Adams, wrote what became the original national anthem, and was a direct participant in the American Revolution.... William Billings.



Traditional Masonic Music

A collection of MP3 arrangements of traditional music related to Masons.


The World's Most Haunting Melodies

Continually recurring to the mind....
"haunting memories";
"the cathedral organ and the distant voices have a haunting beauty"
Beautiful, but in a sad way
and often in a way which cannot be forgotten:
"a haunting melody"

The world's most haunting melodies,
chosen by people from all walks of life.


Songs Of Francis Hopkinson

Francis Hopkinson, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence was also one of the earliest composers in America. We have arranged 6 of his songs for solo guitar and flute.

Songs Of Francis Hopkinson


Considering the crazy ways things seem to keep happening after we send the politicians from both political parties to Washington D.C., a new kind of candidate for President might not be a bad idea. Or, we could revive an old campaign.
Listen to the original Howdy Doody For President campaign songs..........

Howdy Doody For President


Music of the Early Printers

Information about many of the first Renaissance printers who were also music publishers and composers featuring MP3 collections of examples of this early music printing.

Music of the Early Printers


The Early American X-Files




Santa Claus
A Christmas Cantata

A 48 page composition published in 1879 and conceived as a simple yet color way for singing and musical people of all ages to celebrate Christmas.


The Earth Only Endures
MP3 collections of
Native American Songs & Chants


A musical memorial for Canadian First Nations
activist, songwriter and filmmaker Willie Dunn.

Music for the Dogs

MP3 collection of pieces of music, believe it or not, related to dogs, along with a Windows screensaver of classic dog images and paintings.

Music for the Dogs


MP3 arrangements of music of two early American composers, Timothy Swan & Justin Morgan.


Finally.... we have an early American tune with a history to play as we work to replace the rogues from both political parties at all levels of government and vote them out.........

The Rogue's March

Geronimo's Medicine Song

In the words of Geronimo -
"The song that I will sing is an old song, so old that none knows who made it. It has been handed down through generations and was taught to me when I was but a little lad. It is now my own song. It belongs to me. This is a holy song (medicine-song), and great is its power. The song tells how, as I sing, I go through the air to a holy place where Yusun (The Supreme Being) will give me power to do wonderful things. I am surrounded by little clouds, and as I go through the air I change, becoming spirit only."

Geronimo's Medicine Song


Hannah's Song
The art & music of Hannah Cohoon

Hannah Cohoon is the most famous of the many artists from the mystical Shaker communities in 19th Century America. What is not widely known is that she also composed interesting songs .
Hannah's Song


Music Magic

Projects using music & sound from a 19th Century book about magic.

Music Magic


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The Music And Art Of William Sidney Mount

William Sidney Mount (1807-1868), was a man of many talents. As well as being a fine artist, he was also a musician, composer and collector of the folk music of early America. And if that is not enough to impress......, he also invented a type of steamboat paddle wheel, a unique two-hulled sailboat, a traveling painting studio on wheels and a hollow back violin, named the "Cradle of Harmony".


Whitewashing the
Yellow Rose Of Texas

Over time, the famous song Yellow Rose Of Texas went through periods where the lyrics were changed, some might say "whitewashed". The history of, and legend of, The Yellow Rose Of Texas is a fascinating story in and of itself, and, is an interesting example of the changes a piece of music can pass through over time, due to different cultural conditions.




"The Grampy Tales and Stories"




"What you have told us is all very good. It is indeed bad to eat apples. It is better to make them all into cider."
- Benjamin Franklin
(In- Remarks Concerning The Savages Of North America, reporting a
Native American's response to the story of Adam & Eve.)


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