Women Composers
In 19th Century America

Piano Solos

The sheet music for all of the works for piano listed on this page are available for download at the link below

Augusta Browne
Lays of Caledonia
La brise dans le feuillage, romanza
Grand March Arabique




Florence Kinkel
Danse Cubaine
Enchantress Galop
Happy Thoughts Scottishe
River Bank Waltz
Amaryllis Schottish
Dauntless Polka
Happy Thoughts
Love's Pleadings
Morning Zephyrs
Reapers Dance
Trembling Leaves



Sarah H. Killikelly
Kiskimenetas Polka - Piano Solo
Keystone March


Clara Kathleen Rogers




La Diablesse polka
La polka Creole
La Sylphide, valse
Les trois soeurs valses
Redowa Louisianaise



Anne Fricker
Fading Away


Bertha Ashmann
Evansville glide waltz

Wilhelmina A. Smylie
Happy Smile Schottisch

Ella E. Prescott
Shepherd's song

Eleanor Schuyle Grinnell
Maple leaves waltz

Mattie Edwards
Hummingbird Waltz


Florence Clinton
Fugue For Four Voices

Fannie S. Woodworth
Fiddle-stick polka





Downloading the piano solos of
19th Century American Women Composers

We have prepared each of the works listed on this page as PDF files which contain scans of the original sheet music. The scans are prepared for high quality printing on any standard printer. You can download the entire collection as a "zip" file. After your secure credit-card or Paypal payment is processed, you will be immdiately directed to the download link.

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