Traditional Masonic Music


Traditional Masonic Music

Over the last few centuries, many pieces of music related to Masons have made their way onto the ever expanding "traditional" music list. We have created a collection of MP3 examples from the pieces we have discovered to date. The music has been arranged using various instruments, from guitar and fiddle, to small ensemble to bagpipe solos. You can find the directions for downloading this MP3 collection at the bottom of the following list of traditional Masonic music:

The Mason Lads
The Square and Compass
The Fellow Crafts Song
Apprentice Song
Fitzmaurices's Trip To Roslin Castle
Freemasons Song
FreeMasons Health
FreeMasons QuickStep
FreeMasons Salute
Masons Apron sample
Masons Hornpipe
Masons Of York
The Merry Mason sample


Roslin Castle
Roslin Castle Reel sample
Roslin Castle Strathspey
The Free Mason's March
The Mason's Quickstep
The Merry Mason

Master Masons



Purchasing & Downloading

The above listed MP3 collection has been prepared for download in the format of a "zip" file. The price is $5.00.
You can purchase this collection using the following secure Paypal link. After your credit-card or Paypal payment is processed, the download like will immediately be sent to you by email

Traditional Masonic Music - $5.00

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