Unusual, Amazing, Magical,Wonderful
& Often Unxplainable Events
In Early America

From Original Newspaper
& Periodical Articles

Listen to the X-Files Theme - MIDI

UFO or Unusual Meteor?

A 228 Year Old Hermit?

The Saving Properties of the Solar System?

The Largest Dog In The World?

An Airplane In 1853?

A Letter Written By Jesus Christ?

Human Betterment By Sterilization?

Volapuk - The World Language

Fairy Sisters?

Strange Brass Plates Discovered In Mound

Visible Sounds?

Bionic Ear Drum In 1885

Robots In 1795?

Transmitting Sound On A Beam Of Light?

Petrification Of A Human Being Into Stone?

The Mysterious Writing Machine

How To Be Happy In A Miserable World?

A Miracle Cure?

A Sea Monster?

An Unbelievably Odd Horse?

An Early American Astrologer

A Unique Masonic Engraving

A Flaming Sign From Heaven

Aryan White Supremacists in 1877?

The Gigantic Giraffe or "Camelopard"

A Magnetic Healing Machine?

The Man Who Lived In A Barrel Churn

A Plan For An Airplane In 1853?

Ale For All That Ails You

A Lady Who Sings In 10 Different Languages

An Early American Magician

A Colorful Phrenolgy Head Chart

1878 Flying Machine

Request for "bayle" for Salem witches

The "Anti Poking Your Nose Into
Other People's Business Society"

Ancient "Runic Inscriptions"
Found Near Georgetown

Curious Changes On Mars

Unique Machine That Writes Music In 1871

Nikola Tesla's "Preposterous Idea"

Thomas Jefferson Designs A
"Maccaroni" Machine

Shocking Earthquakes

Detailed Model Of King Solomon's Temple

Anecdotes Of Love
The History Of Love In All Ages

Recording Music In 1874?

Amazing Discoveries In Acoustics

The Deaf Hear Through Their Teeth?

A Life Preserving Coffin?

White Slavery?

Man Mails Himself In Box To Escape Slavery

The World A Huge Photograph?


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