The music of luck and laughter....

We have created a PDF collection of traditional tunes related to
luck and laughter...
The tunes are presented in a basic arrangement with guitar chords and a keyboard (or harp) accompaniment. You can use these basic arrangements to create your own versions....

The Giggle Jig MP3 sample
A Happy Jig
Good Humour
Good Luck & More Of It MP3 sample
Good Luck At Last
Good Luck
Happy Go Lucky Clog
Happy to Meet Sorry to Part
Happy We've Been All Together
Laughing and Smiling
Laughing Boy MP3 sample
Laughing Waters
Lucky in Love
Money In Both Pockets
My Blessings Go With You
Silly Old Man
The Blessings of Peace
The Five-Leaf Clover /
The Funny Mistake
The Funny Reel
The Girl With The Laughing Eyes
The Happy Cobbler
The Happy Night
The Happy Snowman
The Laughing Seagull
The Lucky Number
The Lucky Penny
The Merry Dancers
The Rainbow Tune
The Rainbow
The Six-Leafed Clover
The Wishing Tree
The Wishing Well 2
The Wishing Well
With Laughter and Singing (round)


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The Music of Fairies, Druids, Spirits (and more)

Throughout history, in every culture, there have been tales and legends about supernatural music, the music of fairies, spirits, music with powers to enchant, heal, charm, mystify and cause mischief.
We have prepared a PDF collecton of such tunes as music notation.

Also PDF collections of old stories, legends and tales of fairies and music.

Music of the Fairies Page

New: We have also now created an MP3 collection of many of the fairy tunes for those of you who may learn by ear, or for those who may be interested in hearing these tunes. Listen to samples on the Music Of the Fairies page...

Even Newer: Three new collections:

Tales and Tunes about theLeprechaun
and his Treasure

The Music of Magic and Enchantment
A collection of tunes related to
mystery, magic, wonder etc..

Happy Go Lucky Tunes
The music of luck and laughter.



Early American music,
unusual & unique music,
and ephemera collection.

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