The Music of Fairies, Druids, Spirits (and more)

Throughout history, in every culture, there have been tales and legends about supernatural music, the music of fairies, spirits, music with powers to enchant, heal, charm, mystify and cause mischief.

We have prepared music notation PDF collections of such tunes for download.....

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New: We have also now created an MP3 collection of many of the fairy tunes for those of you who may learn by ear, or for those who may be interested in hearing these tunes. See below....
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Three new collections: Tales and Tunes about the Leprechaun and his Treasure, The Music of Magic and Enchantment and Happy Go Lucky Tunes, the music of luck and laughter. See below for the links to these new pages...

Note: The music notation in Part 1 is the basic melodies of these tunes as presented in the antique books and are of course perfect for interpretation and improvisation.

Part -1

Irish Fairy Songs
3 Irish Fairy Songs
Music Heard Played By A Fairy

Shetland Fairy Tunes

Aith Rant
West Side Trows Reel
A Fairy Reel
Hylta Dance (trowie tune from Fetlar)

Banshee Wail 1 & 2

Druid Song

Bridget Cruise - 4 Settings

2 Swedish "Neck" Songs

3 Welsh Fairy Tunes

Songs from the "Shieling"
The Shieling Song
An Toman Cuilnn - Shieling Fairy Song

Random Celtic Fairy Tunes
(Said to have been learned from the Sidhe)
The Gold Ring
Pretty Maid Milking the Cow
Cutting Ferns
The Bright Dawn of Day
A Fairy Lullaby
Dawn Fairy Song

African Spirit Songs
Akele Wood Spirits
Ogbuka Wood Spirits
Asaba Forest Spirit
African Spirit Song
African Spirit Song 2

Fairy Music of Scotland
Water-Kelpie's Lullaby
A Fairy's Love Song
Sealwoman's Sea Joy
A Fairy Plaint
An Ancient Tune Used To Attract Seals
Crodh Chailein - Daoine-sith (Mound Dwellers) song

Part 2

1. "Suantree" (sleep music).
2. Music used to charm animals.
3. Music said to have been learned from the fairies.
4, Traditional tunes about fairies, elves, and leprechauns.
5. The Piper's Cave (a fairy musical legend)

For these arrangements we have included as above, the
notation for the basic tune itself but also with a basic guitar part with chord names.
(Note: a few of the tunes in part 2 are the same tunes above but, the guitar chords are included in this version. They were also included in Part 2 dues to the subject of the tunes)

As with the first collection above, all of these tunes
were found through research into various antique books and collections.

1. Suantree
The ' Sleep -music' (Suantree) was intended to produce sleep; and
the tunes belonging to this style were plaintive and soothing.

Suantree 1
Suantree 2
A unique song in this class of music is: Dream Angus
Ancient Lullaby
A Fairy Lullaby


2 - Tunes Used To Charm Animals.

Women of the fairy race were said to milk the deer on the mountain tops, charming them with songs composed to a fairy melody . One of these songs is said to be the famous "Crodh Chailein." People said that the deer, and also milking cows gave their milk freely under the spell of melodic enchantment and would also be seen to be quite uncomfortable if the song was interrupted.
At milking time girls would often chant a particular sort of air, in a soft, gentle voice. These milking tunes had the effect of soothing the cows and of making them submit more gently to be milked.
Ploughmen would often whistle a sweet, slow, melody, which had a powerful effect in soothing the horses.
There were also tunes used by shepherds while herding sheep, those who herded cattle and "horse whisperers".

Dairymaid's Croon
Far from Home
(A tune heard by shepherd whistling to a large herd of sheep)
Herdsman's Song
Milking Croon.
Shepherd's Call
The Dairy Maid's Song
Lochaber No More
Crodh Chailein
Flower of The Forest

A shieling (Scottish Gaelic: àirigh), also spelt sheiling is a hut, or collection of huts, once common in a wild or lonely place in the hills and mountains of Scotland and northern England.
People often put milk out for the fairies at the sheiling. Fairies used to be seen dancing around a fire.
The shelters were often used used by people tending cattle on high or remote ground, pasture land for the grazing of cattle in summer.

An Toman Cuilnn - Sheiling Fairy Song
An Island Sheiling Song

3. - New Fairy Tunes

Luathradawn's Jig

The story is that the tune came directly from a Luathradawn, a Leprechaun type character (a fairy or a small hump-backed man).

The Trowie Burn
Da Trowie Spring

Trowie is a Scottish name for a type of fairy.
These 2 songs are said to be Trowie songs.

A Fairy Plaint
Said to have been learned from the fairies.

Crarae is a village on the banks of Loch Fyne in Argyll and Bute, on the west coast of Scotland known for a megalithic ruin known as the ‘Fairy Knowe’.

Cutting Ferns
There is a tale of a young lady who went out to cut fern , and fell in love with one of the Sidhe, or fairy folk. The fairy also fell in love, but when her family did not approve and they kept her at home. This melody is from a song sung by the fairy, who was broken-hearted.

The Gold Ring
There is a legend of a piper who had the courage to spend a night hiding near a fairy rath to listen to the wonderful music of the little folk.

Fairy Song Heard At Dawn
Said to have been learned from the fairies.

Flowers Of The Forest
Said to have been learned from the fairies.

The Gravel Walk
He tells of a man who knew only two tunes before being aided by the fairies, after which he had a vast repertoire;

This is said to be a ‘fairy tune’ a musician had learned one lonely night while walking home.

John MacAnanty's Welcome Home
Macananty or Macanantan was is said to have been a fairy king who formerly enjoyed much fame in Ireland.

Red Haired Boy
A man and his brother were gathering seaweed at Faill an Mhada Rua when they heard beautiful ethereal music nearby; He followed the sounds up the cliff and was later able to remember the melody.

More of Cloyne
It is said that More was the guardian fairy of Cloyne in Cork.

Heather Wind
It was considered that a ‘heathery breeze’ was a kind of fairy wind, an isolated strong wind that can “root up the grasses out of the ground,”. There is also folklore that says that vegetables grew better in the soil where heather grows and that it is also an excellent area to find a shamrock.

4. - Music About Fairies,
Elves and Leprecahuns

Fairy Dance Reel
The Leprechaun's Favorite
Fairy Lamentation
A Fairy's Love Song
The Knockard Elf
The Fairie's Hornpipe
The Fairy Hillock
The Fairy Reel
The Leprechaun Step
The Wee Man from Skye
The Fairy Cobbler
The Fairy Rath


PDF - Arrangement for melody, guitar (with chords,
harp (or keyboard) and drone).

5. "The Piper's Cave"

There is in Scotland a family of hereditary bagpipers whose name is Macruimean (or M'Crimmon). Now, it is well known how it came to pass that the famous bagpiper, Macruimean, got his fine music. He was ploughing one day near a haunted hill, when one of the "Little Folks," a tiny green man, came up and invited him into the mountain. After they had entered a cave, the tiny green man gave Macruimean an exquisitely fine bagpipe, and told him that so long as any part of the instrument remained, either with him or with his offspring they would continue to be the best bagpipers in Scotland. When the lucky Macruimean had arrived with his bagpipe at his house, he found to his surprise that he could play upon it beautifully any tune which occurred to his mind. Indeed, his performance was so powerful and impressive that it astonished every one; and the people in the Highlands have still the saying, Co ard ri Piob mhoir Mic-Chruimean,—("As loud as Macruimean's pipes.")

There is also still in the Highlands a cave called Uamh na'm Piobairean—i.e., "The Piper's Cave," into which the famous Macruimean with his children used to repair to practise the bagpipe. This cave is on the top of a brae, or rising ground, eight miles north from Dunvegan Castle. Even his daughters, people say, would occasionally steal to the cave, if they could lay hold on their father's favourite set of pipes, and indulge in a vigorous practice for an hour or so. Moreover, at what time the Macruimean family was first established as the hereditary bagpipers of the Lairds of MacLeod, no one can say now; for it was so very long ago.

(from a 19th century book by Carl Engel).


6. A New PDF Collection:

This PDF contains the notation of the melodies with guitar chords and with a basic harp (or keyboard) accompaniment. This is newly researched music related to fairies and many descriptions with some history of the pieces.

Garster's Dream
Danniel of the Sun
Crodh Chailean. (Colin's Cattle)
The Pinch of Snuff
The Gold Ring
The Legend Of Lisalway
Ned Puw's Farewell
The Black Mare of Fanad
The Fiddlers and Fairies of Tomnahurich
The Fairies Hornnpipe 1
The Fairies Hornnpipe 2
Maire Bhan's Wedding
The Woman of the House
The Fairy Hurlers
More Of Cloyne
Knockfierna - The Hill of the Fairies
The Legend of Knockgrafton
A Fairy Lullaby
A Fairy Song


Downloading the
fairy music PDFS

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The Fairy Music Mp3 collection

For those who may not read notated music and learn by ear, we have also created short MP3 samples of selected melodies using various combinations of instruments. The collection contains the following MP3s:

A Fairy Lullaby
A Fairy Song
African Spirit Songs Medley (5 pieces)
Banshee Songs-Mp3 sample
Black Mare of Fanad
Garster's Dream
Irish Fairy Songs Medley (4 pieces)
Knockgrafton Song
Maire Bhan’s Wedding Reel-MP3 sample
More of Cloyne
Mound Dwellers Song-MP3 sample
Pinch Of Snuff
Shetland Fairy Tunes Medley (6 pieces)
The Fairy Hurlers
The Piper's Cave
The Woman Of The House
Welsh Fairy Tunes Medley
Welsh Fairy Tunes Medley (3 pieces)

Music produced by
"The Darby O'Gill Project"

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