African-American Composers
In 19th Century America

The sheet music for all of the works for solo piano listed on this page are available for download at the link below.

We also now have an added a new collection of selected pieces by African/American composers prepared as a PDF book.
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(Note - Music by the amazing "savant" pianist and composer Blind Tom and the African-American classical guitar composer and teacher Justin Holland are now on their own pages.

Music for Solo Piano

Francis Johnson
Francis Johnson (1792-1844) was an important figure in the development of American music in the first half of the 19th century. Born a free Black in Philadelphia in 1792, he was one of the the first African-Americans to publish music in this country, and possibly the first American of any color to tour Europe as a musician, where he played for Queen Victoria of England.
He returned to America and was the first musician to introduce "promenade concerts" to Philadelphia audiences in the 1840s. As a
composer, he wrote more than 300 pieces, of which some many survive.

The Celebrated Victoria Gallop
Citizens' Quadrilles
Phoenix Polka

A.J.R. Connor

Chestnut Street Promenade
Evergreen Polka

New York Polka Waltz
The Mallet or Stop Waltz
Valse 'A Cinq Temps
Seraphine Gallopade
The American Polka Quadrilles

Connor's third set of polka quadrilles

Isaac Hazzard

The Terpsichore
The Alarm Gun Quadrille
Davis Quickstep
Miss Lucy Neal Quadrille
Miercken Polka Waltz




J.W. Postlewaite

Galena Waltz
Annie - Polka Mazurka
St. Louis Greys Quick Step
Orange Schottishe
Red Petticoat Mazurka
Rock Island Waltz
The Veiled Prophets




Blind Boone

Spring Reverie





Basil Barres
La Creoloe Polka
Mamie Waltz
Regina Waltz

Downloading the piano solos of
19th Century African-American Composers

We have prepared each of the works listed on this page as PDF files which contain scans of the original sheet music. The scans are prepared for high quality printing on any standard printer. You can download the entire collection as a "zip" file. After your secure credit-card or Paypal payment is processed, you will be immediately directed to the download link.

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Selected Music by
African American Composers

A PDF book of selected pieces by African American composers of the 19th & early 20th century. Includes:

Anthem for Christmas - (Keyboard, Voice & Chorus) William Brady

Welcome to the Era March (Keyboard) Jacob Sawyer

Andante (Guitar) Justin Holland

The Pilgrim Overture (Keyboard) J.T. Douglas

Parisian Waltzes (Keyboard) H. F. Williams

Le Serment de L'Arabe - Dramatic Chant (Keyboard & Voice) - Edmund DeDe

La Capricieuse Waltz (Keyboard) Basil Barres

Au Clair de Lune (Keyboard) Lucien Lambert

Lauriett - Ballad (Keyboard & Voice) H. F. Williams

Les Clochettes -Fantasie Mazurka (Keyboard) - Sidney Lambert

Rays of Hope March (Keyboard) W. F. Craig

Scenes of Youth - Descriptive (Keyboard) F .E. Lewis

Mass for Three Voices - Gloria & Agnus Dei (Keyboard & 3 voice) - S. Snaer

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