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PDF Collections of Unique
and Unusual Music and Articles
Published in 19th Century America

Each PDF file is scans of original articles published in 19th Century periodicals, or scans of sheet music published in 19th Century America.
All scans are prepared for easy printing on 8.5x11 papers on any desktop printer.
Many products are downloaded as PDF files, but in a few cases there are multiple PDF files of individual pieces of sheet music in a "zip" archive.


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19th Century Periodical articles about
mysterious subjects:
Relation Of Fairies To Religion
The Mythical Boat
The Magic Flight In Folklore
The Jewish Kabbala
Mystics Among The New England Hills
Zodiacal Symbolism

Price - $6.00

Sacred Flora
A collection of American periodical articles
on the subject of the folklore and
sacred meanings and uses of plants.

Price - $4.00

Bird Song
A collection of many American 19th Century periodical articles about bird songs and includes music notation for many bird songs.

Price - $5.00

Scans of two unique American articles published in the 1800s about hashish.....


1. A Hashish House In New York
The Curious Adventures Of A Individual Who
Indulged In A Few Pipefuls Of The Narcotic Hemp

2. Hasheesh And Hasheesh Eaters

Price - $2.50

Beer and Ale songs -
A collection of published songs and
music with beer and ale themes.
website about this collection

Price -$3.50

Political Songs
A collection of often very satirical and
humorous songs about politics in 19th Century Americs.

Election Night
(or the musings of a politician’s wife)
Political Situations
March Along Democrats
Wake Oh Republicans Wake
Forward March Republicans
Wait Till The Votes Are Counted
Shall Women Vote?
Good Hard Cider (campaign song)
The Reason Why I Was Elected
The Soldier’s Vote
The Humbug Reform
Down With The Plumed Knight
I Wish I Was De Mayor
I’m The Governor’s Only Son
Wheelbarrow or Cider Polka

Price - $3.50

Masonic sheet music
An extensive collection of American
Masonic sheet music.
website about this collection

Price - $6.00

Activist Songs
A collection of 4 books of songs on themes of labor,
fellowship, peace and socialism.
Peace Songs
Labor Reform Songster
Socialist Songs With Music
Songs Of The Fellowship

Price - $7.00

Native American Music-
19th Century American periodical articles about Native American songs and music,
including music notation of many songs and chants.

Price - $5.00


The American Guitar Collection

In 19th Century America, guitarists, composers and publishers were all very busy producing guitar sheet music of all kinds. From classical compositions, to jigs, reels, songs, arrangements and even transcriptions from operas for solo guitar. We are now making much of this often forgotten American sheet music for guitar
available again.
Included are two unique collections of what may be the earliest arrangments for guitar of Sousa marches, and Stephen Fosters own arrangments of his classic songs for guitar accompaniment.

American Guitar Collection

Brief biography of the Author:

" A few years back I thought I was past my “best before” date and I needed the spiritual support my grandfather had always given me. My memories of him and his tales form the basis of these stories. Montreal (and Weir in the summers) was my home for about two decades. The stories ended when my grandfather died on August 3, 1960. I was twelve.

Over the years I was able to record two vinyl LPs and two CDs (all my own work) and one LP with other musicians and writers. I earned a bachelor’s degree in education (secondary) and taught for twenty-two years, became an emergency medical responder for six years, a volunteer firefighter for fifteen, and a town councilor for two year"

The music career of TB Murdoch, known to the music world as "Bruce Murdoch" included recording for Elektra Records and performing at many forums and coffee houses during the heyday of the folk revival and the singer/songwriter movement in Greenwich Village during the 1960s that produced Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Peter Paul & Mary, Eric Andersen, Patrick Sky, Phil Ochs and many more. He also performed at the Newport Folk Festival, in Carnegie Hall and recorded an album produced by Richie Havens for his label and an album produced by Radio Canada.
He has recently recorded 2 new collections of his latest songs.


"The Grampy Tales and Stories"



Beethoven's 10th Symphony
Music From The Notebooks Of Beethoven
(and a way you can work with
Beethoven's ideas for a 10th symphony)

Throughout his life Beethoven used many notebooks and sketchbooks to write down musical thoughts for pieces he was working on and for ideas that inspired him. Many of these ideas and fragments of music were either never completed or never published.

Beethoven's 9th Symphony that includes the world known "Ode To Joy", is course known across the world. What is not as widely known is that was working on ideas for a 10th Symphony and had made a few notation sketches for it in his music notebooks.

Beethoven's 10th page

Geronimo's Medicine Song

In the words of Geronimo:

"The song that I will sing is an old song, so old that none knows who made it. It has been handed down through generations and was taught to me when I was but a little lad. It is now my own song. It belongs to me. This is a holy song (medicine-song), and great is its power. The song tells how, as I sing, I go through the air to a holy place where Yusun (The Supreme Being) will give me power to do wonderful things. I am surrounded by little clouds, and as I go through the air I change, becoming spirit only."

Geronimo's Medicine Song


Baseball in Song and Music

"Build it, and they will come"

Go to our page Baseball in Song and Music where you can download PDF collections of old sheet music and traditional tunes, and old baseball ephemera. There is also a baseball screen-saver created from dozens of early baseball images and a collection of classic baseball MP3s. Go and listen to Bob Dylan sing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame", acapella.....

"Nothing flatters me more than to have it assumed that I could write prose-unless it be to have it assumed that I once pitched a baseball with distinction."
- Poet Robert Frost


International Music
in 19th Century American Periodicals

Scans of the complete articles, including music notation examples. PDFs are all prepared for easy printing on standard size paper.

Chinese Music
Traditional Music of the Spanish Pyrenees
Traditional Music of the French Pyrenees
Holy Week in Seville

Some Japanese Melodies
Ballads and Ballad Music Illustrating Shakespeare
Folk Songs

Price - $4.00


Unusual Music Patents

A sizeable collection of some very unique detailed patents from early America for all kinds of inventions and devices to produce music and sound


Price -$5.00

Unusual Magic Patents

A large collection of patents for magic, illusion, trick devices etc. (with construction details) from early America. Scans of the original patents prepared for easy printing, in a PDF file.

Price - $5.00


The Music of Poet Emily Dickinson

American Poet Emily Dickinson was very intereseted in music of many kinds, and kept a
personal sheet music collection in a special book..

We have created a collection of arrangements using versions of many of the instumental tunes in Emily Dickinson's music book. These arrangements include the melody, a basic keyoard (or harp) accompaniment and guitar chords. These basic arrangments can quite easily be used to create various verions of this music.

Emily's music page

An amazing collection of some of the
Dumbest & Strangest
Songs Ever Published
website about this collection

The Mafiusi of Sicily

Scans of an historic 18 page article about the Mafia published in 1876

Price - $2.50



International Music
in 19th Century American Periodicals

Scans of the complete articles, including music notation examples. PDFs are all prepared for easy printing on standard size paper.

Chinese Music
Traditional Music of the Spanish Pyrenees
Traditional Music of the French Pyrenees
Holy Week in Seville

Some Japanese Melodies
Ballads and Ballad Music Illustrating Shakespeare
Folk Songs

Price - $4.00

19th Century American
Periodical Articles About Music

Scans of the complete articles, including music notation examples and interesting engravings. PDFs are all prepared for easy printing on standard size paper.

Songs And Ballads Of The Revolution
On The Track Of The Arkansas Traveler



Negro Spirituals
Creole Slave Songs

The Dance In Place Congo
Origin Of The John Brown Song

After your Paypal or Credit/Debit card payment is processed, you will quickly be emailed the download link for all 3 PDF files.

Price - $4.00

2 PDF collections of scans of articles about Ireland from original 19th Century American periodicals, with many high quality engravings. Prepared for easy printing on standard size paper.


Woman In Early Ireland
Fairies And Druids Of Ireland
The Old Poetic Guild Of Ireland
Poets And Poetry Of Ireland


Early Heroes Of Ireland
Irish Kings And Brehons
Pagan Ireland


Price - $4.00

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Music composed by Nobody

In 19th Century America there were thousands of pieces of sheet music published. Many of these pieces of music were published using strange fake names. This PDF collection contains the following list of pieces:

That Horrible Fly - by A. Buzz (Voice & Keyboard)
Vampire Polka - by Four Eyes (Keyboard)
Song of the Season - by A Friend Of The Children (Voice & Keyboard)
The Pope & Sultan - Dedicated to A Church Without A Bishop and A State Without A King - by A Pilgrim (Voice & Keyboard)
The Wheelbarrow Polka - by A Barrel Apples (Keyboard)
Doctor Ironbeard - by Blackbeard (Voice & Keyboard)
It's Yankee Not English At All - Words by A Yankee, Music by Jove (Voice & Keyboard)
Everybody's Polka - Dedicated to Nobody - by Somebody (Keyboard)
Free Love Polka - Dedicated to Several Pretty Girls - by One of the Free Lovers (Keyboard)
Wide Awake Polka - by I Dunno (Keyboard)
Fast Mail - Grand Concert Gallop - by Per Lightning (Keyboard)
Serenade Catskill Katamiaul - by Moonlight (Keyboard)
Fifth Avenue Gallop - by Musicus (Keyboard)
Know Nothing Polka - Dedicated to Everybody - by Nobody (Keyboard)
Prize Baby's Polka - by One of 'em (Keyboard)
National Grange Quickstep - by A. Sickle (Keyboard)
Tell Me Darling - Words by Frank Sweet, music by Six Sharps (Voice & Piano)
Give the Sunshine of Your Heart - by Snowbird (Voice & Keyboard)
Yankee Doodle in Mexico - by Uncle Sam (Voice & Piano)
The Palace Waltz - by A Young American (Keyboard)
Mark Twain Waltz -by XYZ (Keyboard)

Price - $5.00


Violin solos (or woodwind)
A sheet music collection of solo instrumental music published in 19th Century America.

Price - $5.00

19th Century Periodical Articles About Texas

Scans of historic articles about Texas in PDF format with many excellent engravings of Texas images.

Texas articles page


Rare Texas sheet music

A unique and extensive collection of scanned sheet music published in 19th Century Texas.
website about this collection

Price - 6.00


For Dog Lovers.....

Scans of many original 19th Century American articles about dogs of all kinds. With some great art and engravings. Prepared as PDF files in an an easy to print standard size format.

Typical Dogs 1

Typical Dogs 2

Toy Dogs

Dogs Described And Illustrated

The Coon Dog



Sporting Dogs

To A Dog's Memory - poem


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Price -$5.00

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Early American music, unusual & unique music,
and ephemera collection.

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