Huzza For Liberty!

In 1796, in the spirit of..... I was not born there but got there as soon as I could...... that so many millions of people across the world would later manifest, musician and composer George K. Jackson moved to America from England. He eventually became the organist of the prestigious Hayden & Handel society in Boston and became an influential part of the young and quickly growing American music scene. But in the meantime before gaining such employment, George was known to write some rousing pieces of music such as the well known Yankee drinking song, "Huzza for Liberty" with such lively verses as:

Come lads your glasses fill with glee
and drink a health to liberty!
Huzza huzza huzza!

Free-born sons no chains will bear,
but those of love we'll gladly wear.
Huzza huzza huzza!

"Huzza" was an expression of joy and spirit, kind of a cheer like "hurrah!".



To give you an example of this lively song, we recorded an MP3 version of Huzza For Liberty! arranged for guitar, harp and flute. It's a real foot tapper for sure. We could use some of this spirit for liberty now.......


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