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Texan Universal pills.

Prepared after a careful personal examination of the diseases incident to this climate, and with a particular reference to the health, comfort, and happiness of the citizens of this Republic. By James B. Gilman. Houston, 1838.

The want of some general Medicine within the reach of every one, and particularly where no physician can be consulted, has often been the subject of much regret in this community.
The scattered settlements and also families residing some considerable distance from each other, and entirely without any medical aid, has no doubt sent many to an untimely grave.
To obviate in a great measure this serious evil, and in some degree to promote the happiness of the citizens of this Republic, these pills are prepared with a particular adaptation to the climate of this country. Perhaps no part of the world possesses the natural advantages for health and happiness which is in the possession of settlers in this country;—but yet, from changes in the season, and especially from cold to heat, the blood becomes sluggish, and humors which, during the cool weather remain in a torpid and inactive state, change their character, and if not removed in season, debilitate the whole system and cause violent diseases; such is the fact with BILIOUS ATTACKS of every kind, and from these remaining for a long time in the system unattended to, they appear determined never to yield to the power of medicine; whereas, if persons in the Spring and Fall of the year would make use of these Pills, say one or two on going to bed at night, to cleanse the system of these humors, they would find themselves far less liable to the attacks of this class of diseases. And the same general remarks will apply with equal truth to the liability to the attacks of CONGESTIVE FEVER, and, in fact, to most of the diseases to which we are subject.
The inhabitants of this country are liable to fewer diseases than in most any other part of the world, and with a general care to health, and when first attacked to make use of means to relieve themselves, would soon cast the foul aspersion, that Texas is an unhealthy country , back into the teeth of those croaking skeptics who would have the world believe that they hold in their individual hands all the good that can possibly be given to man by a bountiful Creator.
The effects of these Pills upon the system, is thoroughly to cleanse the stomach and bowels, and at the same time to give them a healthy and invigorating tone; and certain relief can always be depended upon, by following the

In all violent and sudden attacks of any disease, such as Bilious Fever, Congestive Fever, Yellow Fever, Cholera Morbus , &c. &c., where a change is felt in a few hours from comparative health to such symptoms of disease as pains in the stomach, side, neck, and head, and a general feeling of lassitude and debility, nausea of the stomach, and a complete prostration of the powers of the mind and body, no time must be lost, as it is of the utmost importance to check the disease in its first attacks. Take from 4 to 7 Pills, according to the age and constitution, so as to procure powerful evacuations in order to carry off from the system that accumulation in the stomach which is the cause of the disease; and these evacuations must be kept up by using 3, 4 or 5 pills till the disease is broken of its power and regular stools are obtained; at the same time a light diet should be followed for a number of days so as to bring back the system to its wonted state of health.

Take from 3 to 6 Pills for a dose which will remove that peculiar soreness from the stomach and bowels, and also all other disagreeable parts of this complaint. One or two Pills should be taken for a few nights after the disease is checked, in order to strengthen and invigorate the stomach and give back its original health and vigor.

take from 3 to 6 Pills to cleanse the system, and then (if Quinine can be obtained,) follow with alternate doses of Pills and Quinine, so as to cleanse and strengthen at the same time, and this troublesome enemy to comfort will soon disappear. In general feelings of languor and debility , especially in the Spring of the year—take 3 or 4 Pills to move the bowels, and then take one or two to work in the blood and to assist nature in performing her functions, without drawing too largely from her bountiful resources;—and as

in all active and acute diseases, keep up large evacuations to cleanse the system of the cause of the disease; always keeping in mind that the stomach being the receptical of the nourishment requisite to support nature in all her operations,—it is of the utmost importance that all its impurities should be purged,—well knowing that a corrupt fountain cannot send forth pure waters. In mild complaints, the object is first to clear the system, and afterwards, to strengthen and invigorate it, by frequent doses of the Pills, just assisting nature to shake off the evils to which she is liable.

Houston, 1838.
These Pills can always be obtained of the regular appointed Agents, at—Galveston, Harrisburg, Houston, Velasco, Quintonia, Brazoria, Columbia, Richmond, San Felipe, Washington, Bastrop, Matagorda, &c.




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