An Unknown Mozart Improvisation?

For the Mozart fans and music history fans out there, here is an interesting piece of music that we recently discovered that was published in Baltimore in 1874. The editor of this piece claims that this music was improvised by Mozart, and later written down by one of the listeners. An interesting story to say the least. See below how to order the sheet music for this unique piece of music.


A Relic
The description on the front cover of the sheet music states:

"The incentive to this lovely musical thought of the great master came on the occasion of a visit of his to a friend's family. After a pleasant trip upon an adjacent lake, which lay in the midst on a landscape of exquisite beauty, Mozart opened the spinet of the lady of the house, and inspired by the noble impressions of nature's magnificence during their water party, he sought, in the improvisation of this little composition to give expression to his feelings. The lovely undulating movement of the melody bears witness of the extremely happy mood of our great master. His aristocratic lady friend, herself a finished artiste, was so enraptured with this charming little production of a happy moment, that she life long retained it in her memory. Through her it descended to her children and grandchildren, and at last to an English lady, although a note of it had never been written down down. Through the kindness of the latter lady, the editor was fortunate enough to be able to write it down, and place it before the public in its present form."

A Relic - MIDI (excerpt only, not the full piece)
(Note - This is a standard MIDI file, and MIDI files will often sound different on different systems depending upon your sound card. The MIDI excerpt is only meant to give you a simple idea of the music.


How to order copies of this music:

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