A PDF collection of ancient melodies, the examples were found by research in various quite old books.
The melodies are arranged with guitar chords and a basic piano/harp accompaniment. You can use these basic arrangements as the basis for making your own arrangements of these pieces.

List of pieces and countries included:

Africa - Kafir
Africa - Senegal - Ancient Melody
Arabian - Algiers
Buddhist - Song for Guan Yin
Buddhist - Chant
China - Ancient Chinese Funeral Song
China - Ancient Melody
China - Entering the Palace
China - Hymn to Confucius 1
China - Hymn To Confucius 2
China - Old Song
China - Taoist Incantation
China - The Dragon
China - The Music Of An Elderly Gentleman In a State of Refined Intoxication
Chinese - Taoist Incantation
Christian - Earliest known Christian Hymn
Egypt - Ancient Melody
Faroe Islands
Fiji Island
Finland - Runo 1
Finland - Runo 2-3
Greece - Hymn To Calliope
Greece - Hymn To The Sun
Greece - Song of Seikilos
Hebrew - Blessing Of The Priest
Hindustan - Shepherd Song
Iceland - Lullaby
India - Morning Raga
Japan - Bells Of Dawn
Japan - Sakura
Japan - Chant For Good Luck
Mayan - Xtoles Dance
Muslim - Call To Prayer
Muslim - Chanting the Koran
Muslim - Dervish Song
Native American - Navajo Song Of Healing
Native American - Pima Bluebird Song
Native American - Sun Dance
Persia - Bandit Minstrel Song

Five MP3 samples
of the ancient music arrangements:

1. Egyptian Lament

2. China - The Music Of An Elderly Gentleman In a State of Refined Intoxication

Africa - Kafir

Persian Bandit Minstrel Song

3. Native American - Navajo Song Of Healing

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