Earlier American guitarists and composers often created quite unusual and entertaining pieces of music for the guitar. This collection gives a good idea of this music. We have created a PDF from scans of the original sheet music that can be printed easily in black and white.

Lazy Luke - A Raggy Drag
Butterfly Caprice
California_Violets - A Reverie -Duet
Crystal Maze Polka
El Crillioto - A Tango
Fantasie Americaine
Fascination Gavotte
Flickering Firelight
Frivolita - A Merry Dance
Frolic of the Frogs Waltz
Gondoleria - A Tone Poem
Harmonic Waltz
Harmonic Waltz
Jig Banjo Style
Marine Sketches - A Tone Poem

Negro Dance - An Imitation of the Banjo
Pansy & Violets Medley
Poor Lyre Duet
Ragamuffin's Lullaby
Sissy Giggles
Souvenir D' Amerique
Spectre Dance
Spread Eagle Waltz
The Famous Fire Waltz
Yankee Doodle Variations


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