The Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove were a group of Chinese scholars, poets, artists and musicians of the mid-3rd century AD who banded together to escape from the hypocrisy and danger of the official world to a life of drinking wine, playing music and writing verse in the country. Their retreat was typical of the Taoist-oriented ch'ing-t'an ("pure conversation") movement that advocated freedom of individual expression and as much as possible, escape from extremely corrupt politics. Their ideal consisted in following their impulses and acting spontaneously. Their outstanding collective characteristic was their sensitivity to the beauties of nature.
We have created a unique collection of Chinese music in honor of The Seven Sages...


Traditional Chinese Music PDF

This collection includes 21 notated pieces of traditional Chinese music and includes a very unique publication... Paper On Chinese Music (published in 1898) that is a very well done history of Chinese music and includes 30 notated examples of this ancient music. Included in the examples is the unique notation of the legendary, fabled Chinese "Phoenix notes" as well as other ancient and popular Chinese music.


Included in the collection are the following 2 sections......

1. Notated examples of
Chinese folks tunes.....

(Note - This first part of the PDF contains 21 notated examples of traditional Chinese music. From lovely simple melodies to longer more complex melodies, each example is notated with a basic simple piano chord accompaniment with names guitar chords. This basic piano/guitar chord notation gives a starting point for you to be able to create and improvise your own interpretations of these Chinese melodies.)

A Cubit Of Sandalwood
I Ask For Peace
A Fall Of Snow On The Mountain Pass
Ancient Chinese Melody
The Way Of The Tao
By The Top Of The Mountain.
The Joking Mind
Chinese Dance
In A Far Away Place
Rainbow Sister
Sand Dunes
Searching for Plum Blossoms In The Snow
Song Of The Bride
Buddhist Chant
The Black Horse
The Blessing Of The Old Man
The Crystal Cup
The Fruit Tree
The Hat With A Spiral Ornament
The Roan Horse
The Wisdom Of The Lama


2. Paper on Chinese Music
(published in 1898)

This is a scan of the original publication prepared for easy printing on standard size paper...

Notated Music examples included in this publication about the history and techniques of Chinese music -

1- 10 Music used in the worship of Confucius
11 - 16 Confucian chants
17 - Confucian air
18 - 19 Buddhist chants
20 - "Ba Ban", a popular Chinese air
21 - 24 Chinese songs
25 - "Boo Boo Gao" - a popular Chinese song
26 - "She Doh Wha" - a popular song
27 - "a retreat"
28 - The fabled "Phoenix notes"
29 - Another version of the legendary Phoenix notes

30 - Ancient music used in the Worship of Heaven and Earth



The Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove
Traditional Chinese Music PDF

Traditional Chinese Music

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