Quabi - Death Song of an Indian Chief

This five verse song, was created from "Quabi, an Indian tale, in four cantos, by Philenia, a lady of Boston".

The original music was considered to be the first orchestral score printed in the United States. It was distributed as an insert in The Massachusetts Magazine for March, 1791.


The composer was Hans Gram, organist of the Brattle Square Church in Boston. The piece was scored by Gram for strings, two clarinets, and two E-flat horns.

The "Lady of Boston" who wrote the text was Sarah Wentworth- Morton 1759 - 1846.
Nicknamed "The American Sappho," Sarah Wentworth Morton published several works about early American life. Sarah, poet of the American Revolution, is remembered for her long, sentimental, narrative poems

For this product, we have created a PDF file with the notation of a basic simple arrangement of the song with lyrics, guitar chords, and a keyboard (harp) accompaniment that you can use to create your own arrangements.

We have also included:

1. A PDF file that contains a scan of the original sheet music of the orchestra score. prepared for easy printing.
2. A PDF file of the complete scanned copy Sarah Morton's original "Quabi, an Indian tale, in four cantos, by Philenia, a lady of Boston" published in 1790, also prepared for easy printing.

MP3 instrumental sample of our arrangement


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