Stories, Tales, Legends
and Fairy Tales
About the Guitar

A collection of stories, lore, legends and humor about the guitar..... We have created PDF and Ebook-epub files with many of these tales and stories, gathered from quite old books published in the 1800s and early 1900s.


A Guitar with a Soul
The Life and Mysteries of the Celebrated Dr. "Q" …
Tuscan Witch Songs
Chinese Hotch Potch
How Henry Hagglyhoagly Played the Guitar with His Mittens On
The Guitar of Alenya of the Sea
Lady Ann Erskine And The Answer To Her Prayer
The Surname “Guitar”
Little Emma – The Child Wonder Guitarist
Guitar Automata
The Guitar – A Fable
The Amazing Telephonic Guitar
Harmonizing The Influences – Seance With A Guitar
The Cunning Shoemaker
Orville and His Guitar
When the Cuckoo Called
Cecilio, The Servant Of Emilio
Taming Lions With A Guitar
The Guitar Time Of Life
Kaimana, native Hawaiian, inventor of the steel guitar
Mary Jane Has Musical Talents
Guitar Music Played By Spirits?
More Guitar Music Played By Spirits?
The Performance of the Brothers Davenport
Guitar Dream Meanings
A Night in a Haunted House in Ireland – “My Guitar”
For The Lovers Of The Spanish Guitar
The Sorcerer and the Guitar
The Seven Sisters
Madame Prune
The Guitar - Shakabak and Beda Shac
The Last Serenade
Brother Faibian’s Water Sprite and the Guitar
Ole Satan and the Guitar
Li Tai-Po the Chinese Poet and The Guitar
Huerta The Celebrated Spanish Guitarist
The Guitar Said To Be “an effeminate instrument”
The Twins
The Story of the Seven Princes
The Guitar
The Strange Story of a Hand
The Guitar-Maker
The Guitar Period
The Legend of the Enchanted Soldier
"Don Quixote”
A Banjo Player
Tricks With The Guitar
A Guitar Cabinet Trick Of Famous Mediums
How to tune a guitar without the assistance of the ear
The Guitar and the “Davenport” Cabinet
The Automaton Music Conjurer
Guitar Conjuring
The Good Ferry Man and The Water Nymphs...
Featuring the “Self-playing guitar”
A Monkey Playing A Guitar
Puss Geiko And Her Travels
The Happy Home
The Lute Player
Maud’s Fairy
The Remarkable and Curious Adventures...
of that Renowned Ladies' Man, Charles Cochrane

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Poems About The Guitar

In past centuries, more poets and writers than you might imagine created poems to and about their guitars, and to and about players of guitars. So many poems, in fact that many have the same titles! We have created PDF and Ebook-epub files with many of these unique poems gathered from quite old books published in the 1800s and early 1900s.


The American Guitar Collection

In 19th Century America, guitarists, composers and publishers were all very busy producing guitar sheet music of all kinds. From classical compositions, to jigs, reels, songs, arrangements and even transcriptions from operas for solo guitar. We are now making much of this often forgotten American sheet music for guitar
available again.
Included are two unique collections of what may be the earliest arrangements for guitar of Sousa marches, and Stephen Fosters own arrangements of his classic songs for guitar accompaniment.
This page also has large collections of old sheet music and instruction books for banjo, mandolin and ukulele.

American Guitar Collection