Comic Animals in Human Situations In Music and Song

Earlier American musicians and composers were publishing music and songs in large numbers on almost every subject. This particular collection is a very popular comic subject at time in both art and music... animals in human situations!

This product is a PDF file created from scans of the
original old public domain sheet music and prepared
in an easy to print black and white format. Some color cover art is included

The Animal Quartet - Piano and Vocal Quartet

The Animals Convention - Song

The June-bugs Dance - Piano Solo

Pussy's Polka - Piano Solo

The Owl, Parrot, Duck and Crow
- Piano and Vocal Quartet

The Owl and the Pussycat - Piano Solo

The Grass Hopper's Waltz - Piano Solo

The Jolly Dogs Quadrille- Piano Solo

A Sequence to the Three Little Pigs - Song

The Birdies' Ball - Song

Cat Serenade - Song

The 2 Naughty Flies - Song Vocal Quartet

The Grass Hopper's Waltz - Piano Solo

Dance of the Oyster and the Clam - Piano Solo

Dance of the Tassy Possums - Piano Solo

The Frog's Moonlight Serenade - Piano Solo

The Mosquitoes Parade - Piano Solo

Meow One Step - Piano Solo

The Grasshopper - A Tragic Cantata - Songs


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