Projects using music & sound from
old publications

This is a 60 page book containing simple parlour magic tricks using music and sound, many simple projects using music and sound, and even a section about learning ventriloquism and instructions how to build an "aeolian harp". We gathered these interesting projects from old books, published in the 19th century. We have prepared this as a PDF file, for easy printing on standard size paper.

Here is an example of the first project in the book:


A sounding-plate made of brass, nine inches long and half a line in thickness, covered with a layer of water, may be employed to produce a rainbow in a chamber which admits the sun. On drawing a violin bow strongly across the plate, so as to produce the greatest possible intensity of tone, numerous drops of water fly perpendicularly and laterally upwards. The size of the drops is smaller as the tone is higher. The inner and outer rainbows are very beautifully seen in these ascending and descending drops, when the artificial shower is held opposite to the sun. When the eyes are close to the falling drops, each eye sees its appropriate rainbow; and four rainbows are perceived at the same time, particularly if the floor of the room is of a dark colour. The experiment succeeds best if, when a finger is placed under the middle of the plate, and both of the angular points at one side are supported, the tone is produced at a point of the opposite side, a fourth of its length from one of its angles. An abundant shower of drops is thus obtained.

The contents of the PDF book include:

Acoustic Rainbow
Transmission of Sound
Progress of Sound
Sound Turning Corners
To Tell The Distance of Thunder
Hearing by the Touch
Conversation for the Death
Glass Broken by the Voice
Figures Produced by Sound
Transmitted Vibration
Double Vibration
Champagne and Sound
Music from Palisades
Theory of the "Jews Harp"
Music of the Snail
Tune a Guitar Without Assistance of the Ear
Music From Glass or Metal Rods
Tuning-Fork Flute Player
Musical Bottles
Theory of Whispering
Theory of the Voice
Sound Along a Wall
Sound Made Audible By Night Than By Day
Musical Echo
The Magic Whistle
Hearing with the Teeth
Inexplicable Motion and Sound
The Gong Poker
A Musical Flame
Musical Glasses
The Glass Harmonicon
Musical Tumblers
A Wood Harmonicon
The Pennywhisle and How To Play It
Musical Figures Produced by Sound
Figure Produced By Sound
Visible Vibration
Ventriloquism Made Easy
Ventriloquism and Polyphony
Aeolian Harp Plans

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