The People's Conspiracy
Jazz Ensemble (PCJE)
experiment began as a joke....

First, we had our software "listen to" and analyze dozens of jazz & "free jazz" recordings and then used the results to program software to create and improvise spontaneous jazz styles of various kinds and created audio using our VSTI, soundfonts etc.
Then for fun, we sent some of the samples to music professors and other music folks we know, creating and using the PCJE name as if it was a real jazz ensembles.
The results of this was quite funny! The reviews were quite various and unique. Some though it was interesting, very original and quite good good, while others did not like it all that much. But no one suspected that that music was composed and performed by AI and audio software.

So... we have created three collections of these pieces for download.

Collection 1 - 5 pieces
MP3 Sample excerpt 1

MP3 sample excerpt 2

Collection 2 - 6 pieces -
MP3 sample excerpt

Collection 3 - 5 pieces -
MP3 sample excerpt

You can download all 16 pieces for $6.00...

Price - $6.00

After your secure payment is processed you will immediately be sent the download link to the email you give while purchasing the collection.

These collections are downloaded as 3 "zip" files. Zip files are easily opened and the MP3s extracted on almost any system.

To learn about and listen to more music created by artificial intelligence and software go our experimental music site:

Music created by software and artificial intelligence

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