The Music of Fairies, Druids, Spirits (and more)

Throughout history, in every culture, there have been tales and legends about supernatural music, the music of fairies, spirits, music with powers to enchant, heal, charm, mystify and cause mischief.


The music notation making up this collection was gathered from many antique books that include notated examples of this music.

We have prepared this music notation as a PDF file.

Note: The music notation in this PDF is the basic melodies of these tunes as presented in the antique books and are of course perfect for interpretation and improvisation.

Included in the collection is:

Irish Fairy Songs
3 Irish Fairy Songs
Music Heard Played By A Fairy

Shetland Fairy Tunes

Aith Rant
West Side Trows Reel
A Fairy Reel
Hylta Dance (trowie tune from Fetlar)

Banshee Wail 1 & 2

Druid Song

Bridget Cruise - 4 Settings

2 Swedish "Neck" Songs

3 Welsh Fairy Tunes

Songs from the "Shieling"
The Shieling Song
An Toman Cuilnn - Shieling Fairy Song

Random Celtic Fairy Tunes
(Said to have been learned from the Sidhe)
The Gold Ring
Pretty Maid Milking the Cow
Cutting Ferns
The Bright Dawn of Day
A Fairy Lullaby
Dawn Fairy Song

African Spirit Songs
Akele Wood Spirits
Ogbuka Wood Spirits
Asaba Forest Spirit
African Spirit Song
African Spirit Song 2

Fairy Music of Scotland
Water-Kelpie's Lullaby
A Fairy's Love Song
Sealwoman's Sea Joy
A Fairy Plaint
An Ancient Tune Used To Attract Seals
Crodh Chailein - Daoine-sith (Mound Dwellers) song

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